James Leftwich: Now a user-interaction designer in California, Leftwich relays this information on these drawings:

"The M-Aura bitmap was created in 1987 on my 128k Macintosh, using MacPaint. It was mostly done by hand, but I generated the source of the wave image at the bottom using some early match application. But I remember that every pixel and line was cleaned up by hand, as there were a lot of irregular jaggies, etc...

I created it for the October 1987 cover of M-Aura, the monthly newsletter of North Texas Mensa (Dallas, where I was living at the time). I'd gone to the School Of Design at the Kansas City Art Institute, where Los Angeles graphic designer April Greiman was one of the alumni. I was inspired in part by her digital piece, which had been printed in the industrial design magazine, I.D.

I'd gotten one of the first Macs, and used it to do a lot of design work through the early part of my career. And here's a flat-panel computer design that I created in 1985, using foamcore. All of the mocked up ports, etc., and the screen mockups as well were created in MacPaint."

One drawing from his collection here is by his friend, Robert Evans. The lizards were modeled after a Shriekback album cover.



Time 'n Space - Cover of M-Aura 10/1987


©1985 Robert Evans

Hoover Factory

DeStijl Marlboro Man

The Kiss

Garst's Drive-In


Big Frank



Loop Space

Major Jim's Chutney Label
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