If you've come across some of your best old Macpaint files, or if you're still using it in a serious way today, please submit your work to joel {at} macpaint (dot) org. Whether you've shown in world famous galleries or if you're just a casual hobbyist, the goal of Macpaint.org is to preserve and display all uses of Macpaint.

If you are an active artist with a website and you use Macpaint, I would love to link to you. If you have historical work, I would prefer to host it for simplicity, but if you already have a website and do not want it hosted here, that works. Get in touch and we'll figure it out. Do not be fooled by the size of the pages for the historical or contemporary galleries. The intention is to collect as much work as possible, and the page layouts will grow.

Feel free to submit Macpaint-related links or simply to say hello for any other Macpaint discussion.

joel {at} macpaint (dot) org